Rukhsana Rasool


With a heavy heart, we provide instruction in a range of Paramedical Sciences disciplines. We promise to work diligently and honestly to provide you with effective paramedic training using the right resources, including education and training manuals, so that you can carry out your tasks in a responsible and competent manner. Allah has given our profession the duty to lessen illness, to bring about relief from suffering, and to lessen pain. When a patient comes to visit us, they put their trust in our ability to heal. In order to provide care, treatment, and support for him or her to regain or maintain excellent health, we must live up to their expectations.

This institute will work to ensure that you receive the instruction and training necessary to become a skilled paramedic who can provide precise and suitable care.

We ensure high quality of education relevant to the needs of industry. I believe that you will enjoy your stay at our institution and leave fully empowered for a successful professional career, with confidence about the future.

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